The Science of Manifestation

Have you ever had a feeling that whatever is happening around you is probably because of you? It is quite natural to have such a feeling. There is enough evidence to show us that the universe in fact does receive our inner messages. Most importantly, there is this concept of the Law of Attraction as a common norm in psychology. It basically means that your ideas and your deepest thoughts construct your version of the reality around you. In other words, our outer world is a reflection of our inner world at large.

Manifestation means that your thoughts bring into existence the result of your life and the reality around you. The idea that your thoughts manifest or bring in existence a sense of reality may sound gimmicky but it is also an eternal truth.

Rhonda Bryne’s highly acclaimed self-help book ‘The Secret’ addressed this Law of Attraction and the consequences of manifestation in vivid detail. However, she was not the first to write about it. In 1920, Napoleon Hill wrote his famous book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ which can be considered one of the greatest milestones in the science of manifestation even today.

However, their ideas were quite similar. They both wrote on how you can attract positive goals in your life if you put your ideas towards achieving them. In practice, the Law of Attraction requires you first gain clarity and then think positively about the goal. To get clear on their goals and think positively about them. Only in this way can you achieve the goal you intend to manifest.

There is evidence to this so-called law- that it really does work. For instance, the placebo effect in which our thoughts make us believe in the effects of medicine we never took. It does hold power. Placebo is also an important part of the medical study when testing the efficiency of various drugs or treatments.

Most drugs fail to clear clinical trials because they cannot beat the placebo effect. It represents the connection between our body and mind. Moreover, it also proves that positive thinking and manifestation can really work. Other pieces of evidence also exist in quantum theory with the observer effect taking shape at a microscopic level for subatomic particles.

If you are still unsure as to how manifestation can work for you, you can just start by trying to manifest a simple thought in your mind. Sit in silence, in absolute peace. Breathe in, breathe out. Shut your eyes and maintain the tempo of your breath. Think about what you desire the most. And, be honest to yourself. You cannot fool your own psyche. You will observe countless variations of thoughts are passing your head. Fixate on one and try to analyse it from an unbiased standpoint. From an observer’s place. You will see the problem or goal or desire under a different light altogether. This will help you manifest the goal better and faster. After you are clear with this idea of the goal you desire, you have to put yourself to work. Rather, self-work for your self-worth. Try to write or draw or maybe just doodle on a blank sheet of paper you see lying under the bed. Starting small is always the key to manifesting large scale plans in the years to come.

So if you first begin attempting to manifest thoughts, it's better if you practice positive affirmations. In other words, keep telling yourself that the positivity in your mind will devour the darkness around yet remain hungry for dinner. Writing, drawing and practising positive affirmations have a similar effect on our power to manifest. These activities help attract your desired goal better and much faster. It helps you visualise the idea you had in a more profound manner. This elevates your attractive powers quite considerably. The key to ensuring eternal manifestation and positivity in your life is to uncover the hidden light inside you. It is not like a candle you have to rekindle, it is the one that has never been lit before.

Make sure you delve into the depth of the thought you want to manifest otherwise law of attraction does not work. You must immerse yourself in this state of cognitive dysfunction to bring the world around you to the order your inner self desires in reality. And, it is much easier than it sounds.



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Ayush Banerjee

Ayush Banerjee

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