l’art pour l’art

We are being engulfed by a vicious cycle of life where the purpose to live has frayed like the food supply chain after COVID-19. In this life, that chose us, the rate at which we continue to fail increases like the rate of domestic violence across the globe during the pandemic. There is only despair and struggle, in this life. Money, means and content are the three dear friends that I never had. But, I really wanted, and perhaps needed.

The pandemic has hit this feeling too hard in me. I am scared it may leave a scar. Not just me, but major firms are filing for debt assurance and reporting significant losses that tantamount to an economic dystopia. Well, that doesn’t matter to me, you see, I never had enough, to begin with.

Just like the thousand other phases in our diurnal routines, art has been considerably impacted by the spread of the virus as well as technology alike. This is one such debate that art faces today. However, it is far from what I wish to present. Art does not judge. Art is thought. Art only reveals itself partly to everyone, for no one is at one with the universal mind.

Art helped great economists and business minds. Art helped the autistic kid in school you didn’t want to be friends with. Art helped the pregnant housewife who was unable to fixate on one activity. Art helped the jobless migrant who wanted food but got quashed under a good carrying railway during dinner. Art helped me. Art helps everyone. Art will help you, should you choose to embrace it with all its flaws- for art is human. And, just like humans, no art is perfect.

This blog is a requiem for art and all that it has given us. It has given me a purpose in life, to pull through in the toughest of times. I am sure I am not the only one. If you are one of us, you know there is no calming down your nerve and sinew without oppressively penning down these emotions on some piece of paper or by drawing, doodling, designing; finding the cherished omnipotent comfort that you seek, that seeks you. Art for art’s sake is the only truth that prevails unhindered and uneroded by the quantitative empiricism brought to our humble lives by time and space.



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Ayush Banerjee

Ayush Banerjee

mindfulness enthusiast, creative addict, techy and political